Eliminate Jaw Surgery

The Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD) provides a simple, non-surgical option for realigning teeth and jaws in a more conservative, less painful way.

They are one of the many important advances in orthodontics—and in many cases eliminate the need for jaw surgery and other aggressive procedures.

Get It Straight orthodontists are experts in placing the tiny TAD implants and we train other orthodontists in use of the cutting-edge technology.

Dr. Giangreco has the distinction of serving as an instructor in the device placement and use for Ormco Corporation, the leading manufacturer of TADs.

TADs Can

  • Eliminate Jaw Surgery
  • Close spaces where teeth are missing (avoiding the need for tooth replacement)
  • Eliminate the need for headgear
  • Enable “extreme” tooth movement (in difficult cases)

eliminate jaw surgery before and after image 1 Rochester, Pittsford and Macedon NY

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