Meet Our Team

Meet the Get It Straight Orthodontics Family

Orthodontic care is more than a one-time visit. There are consultations, questions and adjustments en route to a perfect smile. And the caring staff at Get It Straight Orthodontics is with you every step of the way. From our Administrative and Treatment-Coordinating teams, to our Clinical Team and members of our in-house custom orthodontic lab, our professionals work as a family to ensure your family’s experience is as exceptional as smiles they’ll end up with.

Clinical Team

Our clinical team consists of highly qualified dental hygienists which heightens the quality of care to our patients. It is the doctors’ desire to have a highly skilled professional team available for optimal patient care. We are one of the few offices in the country that have only licensed hygienists working in our office. Our hygienists have over 150 combined years of experience, and are always available if any questions should a rise.



Erin C.

Heather S.


Kim S.

Lindsay R.

Lindsey R.


Michael Ann




The Front Desk Team

Our front desk team has over 60 years of dental and orthodontic experience combined. These talented staff members keep the administrative component of the Get it Straight team flowing smoothly. Whether they greet you by phone or at the entrance, our front office team is available for your scheduling needs as well as answers to your treatment and account concerns.





Treatment Coordinators

Our treatment coordinators have over 50 years of combined orthodontic experience. As treatment coordinators they oversee the new patient consultations and growth of patients prior to starting treatment. In addition Margo also manages the clinical supply inventory at Get It Straight Orthodontics.

Staffmember, Brenda




The Lab Team

They have over 35 combined years of orthodontic lab experience. As lab Technicians they fabricate the orthodontic appliances worn before, during and after braces.



The Sterilization & Records Team

Ensure that all of the necessary pre-treatment diagnostic radiographs and photographs are taken prior to treatment, which allow for the doctors to evaluate and finalize each patient’s individual treatment plan. They are also responsible for making sure that our hygienists and doctors stay on task, and that all of us here at Get It Straight are staying on time as best possible.


Lindsey W.

The Management Team

Financial Administrator

Office Manager

The Marketing & Community Service Team

We place a high priority on giving back to our community.

Staffmember, Brenda


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